Why Is Dandeliophone so special?

At the beginning there was an idea. Idea to create book that is different than other children’s books, yet still in recognizable format. But for me as an Author who never published before even an article - I wanted to bring something “extra”. Not just to write a nice story with lovely images. There are plenty of children’s books like that.

But let’s go a little bit more at the beginning.

One day in a bookstore I saw a pop up book. In that time I’ve never even thought of writing a book for kids by myself. I bought it. Over a year has passed and the book was sitting on the shelve at my home. I read it few times to my kids but mostly it was about nicely popping up images.

Me as a parent of a small kids I know how they like stories. That’s why I came up with my own stories. And my kids were asking again and again to tell them about these same stories for a good night sleep. I was very proud to know that they like them.

After I have created few very good stories, I was convinced that there could be a way to share the story also with other curious kids and their parents. As I said at the beginning, I wanted to create something special. So, I dug down and thought about “book format” that would still be known but that will stand out. Remember the pop up book sitting on my shelve for over one year? Yes, that was the time I found it. And yes – this was the beginning of something new. A whole new chapter.

I have spent 1 year figuring out how to bring Dandeliophone book to life, and finally I can say that me and my team made it! After several hundreds (yes that is true) of emails between vendors and contractors (of services I had no even a clue before) I can proudly say, I am happy. The book is here. And I will be proud if also other parents and their kids will be happy as well when reading together new Dandeliophone pop up book. Who knows? Maybe they will get inspired and they will create their own new story!


For the creativity of our kids!

 Author of Dandeliophone

Pop up pages of Dandeliophone