Ant queen making a first call with Dandeliophone; opened last scene from pop up book

Inspire creativity

Creating of children pop up book Dandeliophone, first sketches

How Dandeliophone was made

Detail of children pop up book Dandeliophone with Ladybug

See the main Characters of the story

Separate opened spreads of pop up book Dandeliophone

Why Is Dandeliophone so special

What our customers say about the book

I really like the story and pop up interaction when reading together with kids.

Melinda K.

Dandeliophone empowers kids creativity and learn them to overcome the obstacles - which is especially important in nowadays world.

James B.

When my kid is playing alone I see he tries to create some scenarios also from the book.. which is nice to see.

Pratik P.

Today kids spend more time on TV and smartphones, so reading a pop up book brings more relaxed and enjoyable time.

David F.