Ant queen making a first call with Dandeliophone; opened last scene from pop up book

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What our customers say about the book

I really like the story and pop up interaction when reading together with kids.

Melinda K.

Dandeliophone empowers kids creativity and learn them to overcome the obstacles - which is especially important in nowadays world.

James B.

When my kid is playing alone I see he tries to create some scenarios also from the book.. which is nice to see.

Pratik P.

Today kids spend more time on TV and smartphones, so reading a pop up book brings more relaxed and enjoyable time.

David F.

Dandeliophone Pop-Up Book

Children’s learning and reading are inextricably linked. But the benefit of a children’s pop-up book like Dandeliophone is that it suits every kind of learner; not only does it suit those who love words and language, but the illustrations also benefit visual learners, whilst the interactive element that the pop-ups provide also means there’s something for the more interactive, tactile learners out there, too.

Your children will love joining Little Ant on his adventures, and we guarantee that they’ll be wanting to read the book again, and again, and again. And every time from then on once they encounter a problem or issue, you can simply ask them what Little Ant would do. He’ll be there with them in their minds guiding them on how best to overcome any obstacles they may happen to face.