What is Dandeliophone?

Dandeliophone is a new paper pop-up book created for kids to inspire creativity. Besides inspiring creativity, kids will also learn how important it is to overcome obstacles and deal with failures thrown their way.

The main message of the book is to never give up, and for children to learn to follow their dreams; to be persistent in order to achieve what they really care about. Discover the story with Little Ant and his new ways of thinking to deal with his problems and finally turn them into a working solution!

Children’s book illustration has to be fun, friendly and colourful, and Dandeliophone ticks all of those boxes. It has to invite the reader in, to conjure up scenes and imagery that enables their imagination to do the rest.

Buy the Dandeliophone pop up book now  and enjoy the time together with your kids!


Family spent time together reading pop up book Dandeliophone