Main characters of Dandeliophone popup book for kids

Who are the main characters of the Dandeliophone pop up book?

Let us introduce you Little Ant, who is the main character of the story and we can proudly say, the main Hero of the book. He is a personalized character and for a child reader or listener  this could be even himself or herself. Little And has a dream. He knows there must be a solution for his cause, yet not discovered. He knows one thing for sure - he's not about to give up until he finds what works.

Our second character is the Ladybug. Always willing to help other forest animals in the forest. But this time the Ladybug will have a hard mission to accomplish. Will she succeed? Will it be a problem after all?

The next character is a Bird, neither positive neither negative, but who knows? Bird can change his mind, so let's rather be careful!

And finally, the Ants Queen, the main authority in the book. She is the one who gives orders. But she is also the one who is listening to the needs of others. Will she be happy with the Little Ants' invention? Lets find out in the book!


Ladybug from Dandeliophone pop up book