How Children Pop up book Dandeliophone was made

Creating a book may be seen as a simple task. But what does it mean? It involves several smaller actions such as: Writing, illustration and many others. Writing a book may seem like a simple task. Illustrate a book may seems like a simple task. Printing a book may seems as a simple one. But, if you must do it all together synchronously, in timely manner while first you need to set up the team of professionals... Now it gets more complicated. Nevertheless, when you are going to create a pop-up book it gets way more complex. Children pop-up books are far more difficult than regular children’s books. You must involve paper engineer who knows many tricks with paper. Also, when the book is ready for print, it has to be assembled manually by the factory workers. It is very costly and significantly increase costs for each one popup book that must be assembled manually.


Yes, pop-up book Dandeliophone has gone a long way in order to become tangible in a form as it is today. As an Author you want to stick to the most original version of the story while the illustrations and paper animation must reflect the idea in a best possible way. You have to be persistent from the first sketches to the first paper movements, until the final and approved version. Never loose focus.


When creating a Dandeliophone the Author wanted to keep one message to be clear for the children. Creativity is important. Parents should always support kids in their curiosity and support their creativity. Dandeliophone comes with an extra bonus. It also learns how important it is to overcome an obstacle. The message is clear.


Never give up and follow your dreams.


How popup book Dandeliophone was made