The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Child to Read More

Getting your child to read more shouldn’t be a constant battle. There are so many easy and exciting ways to engage your child and work on their habit building over time. Here is your ultimate guide to children’s literacy!

Reading and literacy is one of the skills that will serve creative kids for years to come. Depending on the patience level of your child, sometimes it’s hard to have them sit still long enough to read an entire book. However, there are lots of tactics and ways that you can refresh your current reading strategy to encourage your child to become the bookworm that you know that they can be!

Focus on Habit Building Together

Monkey see, monkey do… isn’t that what someone once said? This rings true for children too. Modeling behavior and building habits together is a great way to encourage your child to dive deeper into the world of reading.

Introduce Interactive Book Styles

If your child tends to disengage with a regular book, introduce a new interactive book style. One great way to do this is through children’s popup books which are designed to engage creative kids and keep them interested in the journey of a character. Dandeliophone is a great example of a children’s popup book that is written to draw children in with imagination and creativity. Engaging and exciting children around any form of book or literacy is a step in the right direction!

Utilize the Resources Around You

Transforming your creative kid into a bookworm doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s more eco-friendly for the environment to borrow books from the library or your child’s school and return them when finished. Utilize all of the literacy resources that are available to you in your area and community. Be sure to check for any free children’s literacy programs or groups that might help to engage your child even more in their reading activities.

Establish a Tracking and Reward System

Is your child a fan of movies? Track their progress reading a series like Harry Potter and reward them with a movie marathon complete with snacks and cozy blankets. You can also implement a monthly tracking system to help your child see how reading every day can add up to lots of books completed in just 1 month. Utilize stickers and proudly display their progress in a common area like on the fridge.

Key Takeaways & Children’s Literacy Checklist:

  • Utilize the resources available to you (library, free children’s programs, school)
  • Encourage family members to gift books when possible
  • Build habits with your child by establishing a nightly reading routine
  • Keep a book on standby at all times, especially when travelling
  • Use a rewards or tracking system
  • Create a comfy and kid-friendly reading space
  • Read the book and then watch the movie and discuss the differences
  • Let your child choose books and be in charge of their own personal library
  • Practice reading aloud together
  • Theme a week around a specific book type, a holiday, or a classic children’s book author
  • Find interactive book styles like children’s popup books to keep kids engaged


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Photo by: olia-danilevich