Let’s talk About Childhood Heroes

From superheroes, to our parents, to our favorite book characters… The inspiration for childhood heroes is endless. Who was your favorite childhood hero?

Childhood heroes are some of our earliest role models. Whether we found them in our favorite movie, book, or comic - there’s no doubt that heroes and their stories can have a big impact on us. Sometimes our hero is even our own parent or family member.

Here are some of a few favorite childhood heroes of the moment.

Who was your childhood hero?

Little Ant from Dandeliophone (Children’s Popup Book)

Children’s books are a great place to look for childhood heroes. Books are imaginative places that kids can escape into on a good or bad day. The main characters of these stories can become heroes to kids the more that they read and engage with the book. Little Ant from Dandeliophone (a brand new children’s popup book) is a great example of a main character with pizazz. Kids cheer for Little Ant through the whole story and can even use their creative play skills to write new stories and adventures for Little Ant beyond the children’s popup book.

Buster Moon from Sing (Children’s Movie)

Sing and Sing 2 have been sensations as relatively new children’s movies. One of the token favorite characters for most children after viewing the movie is Buster Moon. Mr. Moon is an excitable and determined koala. During both movies, Buster Moon simply won’t take no for an answer as he dreams of taking his local theater to the big time. Buster Moon is surrounded by a motley crew of other animals, each who have their own unique challenges and talents.

Spiderman (Comic)

Comic book heroes are a classic staple on the list of childhood heroes. Superheroes have otherworldly powers and always seem to do what’s right (or try to). With the recent animated Spiderman and new live action Spiderman movie, this superhero tops the charts lately with kids. Other popular childhood superheroes from comic books include Batman, Superman, The X-Men, and The Avengers.

Wayne Gretzky (Hockey)

For children who are athletic or enjoy watching sports, iconic athletes in history often top the list for their childhood heroes. If your child is a fan of hockey, they’ve likely talked about or idolized Wayne Gretzky. Depending on the type of sport that a child is interested in, the more they will relate with a specific athlete.

PAW Patrol Pups (Children’s TV Show)

PAW Patrol debuted in 2013 and has taken the children’s TV genre by storm. The show features 12 puppies who each have their own personality and strengths. The premise of the show is that the dogs are led by a child (Ryder) and work together on missions to search and rescue people who need help. If your child is interested in PAW Patrol, you may notice that they pick one or two of their favorite pups who have similar strengths or interests as they do.


In childhood, teachers can be a major piece of a child’s development. During an average school day, kids can spend almost as much time with teachers as they do with their family. It’s not hard to understand why teachers may become one of our childhood heroes at an early age.

Hermione Granger (Children’s Book)

Harry Potter was a sensation when it was released in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Kids flocked to libraries and bookstores to buy themselves copies of the book when it was released. One of the most popular characters in the book for kids to idolize is Hermione Granger, the clever and strong female character amidst the trio of friends. During the Harry Potter adventures, Hermione demonstrates a strong moral compass and ability to think critically. She’s an obvious candidate for a childhood hero for children who are obsessed with young adult novels.

Your Parents

While kids may not vocalize their feelings for this hero all the time, parents usually top the list of childhood heroes in a subtle way. As the providers, caretakers, and nurturers of children, a parent is a natural hero that kids may look up to. If your child hasn’t expressed this feeling yet - they may as they get older and realize the hard work that it takes to be a loving and caring parent!


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