Amazing Kids Who Inspired Us in 2021

These inspirational kids didn’t let the pandemic hold them back last year. Here are just a few kids that are inspiring us to be great in 2022!

For some reason, kids and kindness often seem to go hand-in-hand. Children lead with an innovative perspective, a can-do attitude, and an ability to make things happen – and these kids are some of the most inspirational role models around!

Here are just a few creative children from 2021 that are inspiring us.

Orion Jean (age 11) - The Kindness Kid

Last Thanksgiving, Orion Jean set out to donate meals to people in his community that were food insecure. His lofty goal was named the “Race to 100,000 Meals” and he was able to work with a local group to spread the word. Orion Jean met his goal of 100,000 meals and started a new campaign centered on kindness. Through that campaign, Orion was able to donate thousands of books and toys to families in need around the holiday season. Orion is now working on a “Race to 500,000 Books” campaign to support literacy efforts for children. There’s no doubt that this inspirational kid’s impact will be felt for years to come in his community and beyond!

Sofia Sanchez (12) - You Are Enough

This next creative kid is making waves in the fashion and modeling industry with her advocacy around diversity and inclusivity. Sofia Sanchez has Down Syndrome but hasn’t let anything hold her back while chasing her dreams. Recently, Sofia has published a book called “You Are Enough” that promotes children embracing what makes them different and special.

Dasia Taylor (17) - Surgical Infection Detection

High school student, Dasia Taylor, invented a suture thread that changes color when it detects infection in a patient. This thread could be instrumental in post-surgery care and for patients to self-monitor outside of the hospital. This surgical invention could also be pivotal for better care for low-income communities or third-world countries. Dasia Taylor has won numerous science fair awards for her invention.

Anika Chebrolu (15) - COVID-19 Scientist

At 14 years old, Anika Chebrolu was the definition of inspirational kid when she discovered a potential treatment for COVID-19. To recognize her scientific research efforts, Anika received the award for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Today, Anika is working to turn her findings into an antiviral drug and hopes that it will be used to help patients with COVID-19 or adapted to treat influenza or other respiratory tract viruses. When presented with a problem, Anika decided to find a solution herself… so incredibly inspiring!

Daisy Hampton (12) - Including You

Online learning is great, but Daisy realized that some children just aren’t as fortunate as she was to have the technology needed to participate and engage in online learning. To solve this problem, Daisy Hampton took on the responsibility of donating devices to those who truly needed them. To date, Daisy has donated 250 devices and worked to close the gap of the digital divide in her own community.

Looking Ahead to a Brighter Future!

Can you believe all of these inspirational kids and their ability to be creative to solve global problems? Many adults can take a lesson out of these kids’ playbooks as we move into 2022 and beyond. I don’t know about you, but creative children like this give us so much hope for the future!




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